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Maxama Protection Inc.
Immediate 24/7 security services please call
Maxama Protection Inc.
Immediate 24/7 security services please call

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Alarm Response

Alarm Response Car

In the event of an alarm at your business or residence, Maxama can safely and professionally respond with trained personnel. We do our best to resolve the cause of the alarm and leave you with a report of our findings and course of action.

We are the largest regional provider of this service. Our response times are excellent, our employees are trained and bonded, and our experience is unmatched. We charge a reasonable fee per alarm response. (Tip: you might want to check with your local police about their alarm response costs before you receive an unexpected bill.)

If a break-in is confirmed, Maxama's alarm responder will immediately contact police and conduct a thorough search of the property. If you wish, other individuals can be called as well, such as yourself, a friend, a neighbour, or an employee.

The Maxama Advantage

Alarm Response

Unlike other security companies, every call from an alarm monitoring facility goes directly to our on-duty patrol supervisor who is on the road 24/7, rather than a call centre or dispatch centre. This supervisor then goes immediately to the alarm, or delegates to another Maxama patrol member, depending on who is closest to the alarm location.

Night Door Check

When calls go through a central dispatch system in another city, you end up with operators who don't know anything about the Peterborough region, our addresses, our geography, nor our current weather conditions. And it takes longer for someone to get to your home, cottage, or business, because time is wasted while they make notes in their computer system, before turning around and forwarding that information to the person who will respond to the alarm. Also, there is potential for important details to get misinterpreted when passed through a number of people.

Maxama's alarm response process has none of these delays and risks.

What Is A Key Holder?


A key holder is someone who holds a key to your home or business.

Maxama often holds door keys and master keys for our clients, providing an alarm response service that is second to none.

We respond to your alarm immediately, thoroughly check your business or residence (interior and exterior), deal with police or fire personnel, fix the cause of a false alarm, reset the alarm panel, and provide you with a written report. There is a small annual fee for key holding. (Remember, police don't hold keys or leave written reports for you.)

Benefits Of Using Maxama For Alarm Response

  • Immediate response - your home or business alarm is our highest priority
  • Safer - takes the risk off your friends, relatives, neighbours, employees
  • Cost effective - people are often surprised at the low cost of this service
  • Huge service area - many people are surprised at the region we cover
  • If your property can't be fully secured, we can stay on-site
  • Peace of mind when you're not available
  • We can provide police with detailed findings
  • We can resolve problems at the scene
  • We leave written reports for you