Vehicle Patrols

Maxama Protection vehicle patrols are a cost-effective means to reduce risk and loss at your Peterborough or Belleville home, cottage or business when you don’t need a full-time security guard on site.

Security Guard beside car

As the largest provider of mobile security patrols in the region, Maxama Protection has marked, GPS equipped patrol cars on the road 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If we need to enter your home or business for a patrol or inspection, our patrol team member will phone your alarm monitoring company before leaving your property to verify that your alarm system is re-armed.

Business Security Patrols

For Peterborough, Belleville or Kawartha businesses, off-hour spot checks are an effective way to check for trespassers, ensure buildings are secure, make sure mechanical systems are working, and perform other routine security inspections. Regular vehicle patrols are often all it takes to prevent expensive theft and vandalism.

Residential Security Patrols

We can provide vacation and holiday checks in your home or cottage. Patrols can be scheduled or random, day or night. They typically include an exterior inspection of your doors, windows, padlocks, gates, sheds, vehicles, and other property. If you’d like, we can also bring in your mail and check your furnace, water pipes, sump pump, and more. We’ll even water your plants for you!

Maxama Security Cars

Benefits of Maxama Vehicle Patrols

  • Less expensive than a full-time security guard
  • All vehicles have a GPS tracking system which allows us to monitor vehicle location, time on site, and patrol completion. This tracking system is available to our clients and is available on your smart phone.  You can see patrols in real time.
  • Excellent solution for clients with multiple sites and locations
  • Marked patrol cars tell thieves and vandals your site is under surveillance
  • We can patrol remote and high-theft locations
  • We can patrol properties and facilities too big for foot patrols
  • We patrol sites anywhere in central Ontario
  • Vehicle patrols available 24/7, 365 days a year, weekends, holidays, etc.
  • You can choose specific patrol times or have us do random patrols
  • Ensure the safety of your residence while on vacation with our home checks

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