1. Are any of your security guards armed?

Our security guards are not armed. They are however, trained in a variety of verbal and physical de-escalation techniques designed to defuse potential conflict.

2. Do you install security systems?

We do not but we can recommend several great Peterborough providers.

3. Do you have guard dogs? No.

4. How much does a false alarm cost?

False alarms are covered by your monthly Maxama Security contract. In contrast, false alarms directed to the Peterborough Police are subject suspension of response by police (more than 3 in a 365-day period) and reinstatement fees

5. Why should I hire a security guard?

There are multiple reasons to hire a security guard for your Peterborough, Belleville or Kawartha Lakes business. Security helps both employees and customers feel safe and shows you take their safety seriously. Security guards are a theft deterrent. Our people are trained to identify suspicious activity and react accordingly. We save you money and protect your property.

6. Do you provide personal security?

We can arrange personal security in most situations.

7. How do I become a security guard?

The process begins with completing our 40-hour online security course and passing a multiple–choice Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS) test. Maxama Protection administers the course and takes care of the details for you. For more information check out our Jobs and Training Page. Get started today!

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