Security Guards

It doesn’t matter if you need security for your construction site in Peterborough, a concert in Belleville or a cottage check in the City of Kawartha Lakes – Maxama Protection has the security guard for the job.

Our security guards, vehicle patrols and alarm monitoring help prevent theft, vandalism, accidents, floods, fires, equipment failures, and more. We provide relief for your security-related worries and headaches.

Maxama Protection provides guards for short-term or long-term coverage; indoors or outdoors; any time of day or night; in populated areas or remote locations; for businesses, construction sites, and more.

Our security guards are:

  • Licensed by the Province of Ontario
  • Trained Level 1 and Level 2 security guards
  • Level 1
    • Ontario security guard training (40 hours)
    • Emergency first aid and CPR Level C
    • Customer service – security guard and supervisors
  • Level 2
    • Verbal de-escalation tactics
    • CMHA – mental distress recognition and response
    • Handcuff physical training
    • Baton physical training
    • Understanding use of force
    • Criminal Code, Trespass Act, PSISA Act and Powers of Arrest
    • Basic self-defense pressure points
  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • First Aid certified and CPR Level C
  • WHMIS certified
  • Professionally uniformed

We provide security guards for almost any type of situation.

Construction companies that need to prevent costly theft and vandalism. Other clients include manufacturers and industrial sites who need a guard at the front gate or entrance.

Other customers require a security guard to conduct regular interior and exterior, on-site foot patrols, sometimes checking machinery and equipment. We also have clients for whom we oversee contractors, so they don’t have to send an employee on a weekend, holiday, or middle of the night.

Clients have hired us to provide security guards for strikes, insurance scene protection, shopping malls, alarm & fire system failures, outdoor product displays, crowd control, long weekend crime deterrence, indoor and outdoor events involving alcohol, and more.

We supply our guards with any security and communications equipment that may be required for your site, such as flashlights, hard hats, safety vests, radios, and cell phones.

Bylaw Enforcement / Parking Control

Many facilities are plagued with parking problems caused by unwanted vehicles and/or vehicles parking inappropriately. No-parking zones and handicapped parking spaces are constantly abused. A parking enforcement program can solve this problem. Our security guards can be registered as municipal bylaw enforcement officers and issue tickets or authorize the towing of vehicles, as best suits your situation.

Benefits of Using Maxama Security Guards

  • Over 30 years’ experience serving all types of clients
  • Our security guards are professional, trained and reliable
  • Shows you care about your business and your clients
  • Shows you care about your employees
  • Shows you have something valuable and important worth protecting
  • Indicates good planning and a proactive vs. reactive attitude
  • Impress your investors, partners, customers, suppliers, and sales prospects
  • Control and record the flow of visitors, deliveries, contractors, etc.
  • Save money by quickly detecting or preventing fires, floods, vandalism, accidents, and theft
  • Distinguish yourself from competitors who can’t afford security or don’t understand the importance
  • Can be a requirement of cross-border shipping regulations, ISO certification, insurance, etc.

Security Guards – Vehicle Patrols – Alarm Response – Serving Central Ontario

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